Door Hanger Printing

Get noticed with custom door hanger printing

Door hangers are great for advertising your goods or services to local potential customers right at their front doors.  These cards make it easy to target advertising to a specific neighborhood or town.  Door hangers are perfect for a grass roots advertising campaign.

Door hanger marketing can be ideal for a small business with a tight budget.  They are inexpensive to print and easy to distribute.  Recruit a group of volunteers to help distribute your door hangers in various neighborhoods and distribution will be free.

Door hanger printing can be done on a variety of size cards but their shape will almost always be rectangular.  Coating the door hangers can help them withstand inclement weather or wear and tear from wind when using them outdoors.

You will need to decide exactly what you want printed on the door hanger.  Remember that there are 2 sides to work with.  Color will tend to grab people quicker than black and white so consider making at least one side color print.  Use good solid cardstock to make a good impression.  If the paper is flimsy the impression will be flimsy too.

Your business’s door hanger must have an attention getting design to make the person want to take a closer look.  Use a humorous image or a large product image to grab the person.  Make them pause long enough to engage with your card.  You will only have one chance to catch their attention, and you will likely be fighting against other forces.  Will they read the card or just grab it and throw it in the garbage.

Once you catch the person’s interest you must have compelling copy.  Keep your message simple and uncluttered.  Too much print and the person is not likely to read it.  Use large headlines to reveal your offer or tell customers the key benefits you are offering.  A call to action will make it clear what the potential customer needs to do next.  Don’t let them slip away.

Since you choose what you want on a door hanger you can include coupons, or make them into a loyalty card for anyone who brings them into your business.  Making coupons only good for a short time can push the customer to move right along with a purchase.  Allowing more time makes it easy to set the card aside or lose it.  Consider making the bottom of the card tear-off with perforations placed strategically so that the bottom will become a business card to be filed with other business cards.  Put all of your necessary contact information and logo in this area, plus a quick description of your product or service.  Make the rest of the card bright and eye catching.

A good strategy to use to land new customers is to use your door hangers to direct potential customers to your website or an online catalog of your products or services.  Print the web address prominently on the card.  Give customers an incentive to “like” or “follow” you on Facebook or Twitter.

Color photo printing at Prism Photo Imaging

Color photo printing at Prism Photo Imaging

Only your imagination will limit you when you choose to do color photo printing at Prism Photo Imaging.  There are many different uses for color photos beyond traditional printing.

First let us assure you that if all you really want is traditionally printed color photos Prism Photo Imaging can deliver what you need.  We offer both 4 x 6 and 5 x 7 inch photos printed from your camera’s disk.  You can choose matte or glossy finish, depending on your intended use.  A glossy finish can look fantastic but it will show fingerprints very quickly if you are passing the photos around.  You need a matte finish to keep fingerprints from ruining the picture.  Quick turnaround times and great customer service help us create many satisfied customers.

Prism Photo Imaging also offers wonderful, crisp enlargements of your favorite photos.  These can make great gifts and are a wonderful addition to a desk top at work.  Bring your pictures to us and we will help you create the frame-able photos you want.  If you have a frame you want to use but are not sure of how to print up the picture bring both in and our staff will help.

We can crop pictures to include only the parts you want to print and display.  This can be of great use when you end up with something unintended in your picture.  When you plan on using square photos for a specific use you will need to crop the usual rectangular shaped picture.  If you are unsure of how to decide what to crop bring the original photos to our shop and we can assist.

Color photo printing can be used to create exciting gifts.  Consider making a set of mugs for a grandparent that showcases each of their grandchildren.  The 11 oz. white mugs are perfect.  You can also create mugs for work that feature your favorite children or pets.  There are many practical and decorative ways to used photo mugs.

Customizing water bottles can be fun or useful.  Prism Photo Imaging can print a color photo of your pet, your partner, or your children on a wonderful 20 oz. stainless steel water bottle that you can use for yourself or give as a gift.  We can also print your color business logo on water bottles to use as a giveaway to potential customers.  You can be more imaginative and use a color print of your employees or product as well.

Prism Photo Imaging can help you help your customers with a custom tote bag to hold all the goodies they collect from your trade show booth.  You can even pre-stock the bags with the items you want them to have.  Take a great photo of your smiling staff then have us print that onto a 6 oz. cotton canvas bag in red, white or blue.  On the back be sure to print your logo and contact information.  Then consider having us make custom photo mugs for you to put in the bags along with product or service information.  (Don’t forget we can print up the flyers or cards you need too.)  Think of a catchy photo to use on the mugs so that people will keep them on their desks to remind them of your business.

When you need color photo printing head to Prism Photo Imaging.  You will be glad you did.

Something different in photo printing

Something different in photo printing

If you are looking for something different to do with your photos, consider photo printing at Prism Photo Imaging.  They do a great job of printing photos as traditional photos but they can also use your photos to make special items.

Use your photos to create one-of-a-kind postcards.  You can announce a special event like a birthday party with a picture of the birthday boy or girl on the front and party details on the back.  Picking a special paper or color will make the postcards extra special.  Or print up a group of different photos onto postcards and use them whenever you need to send a brief note or reminder.  Remember that sending postcards costs less than a letter.  They make excellent “save the date” announcements.

Not many people would think of putting photos on stickers, but we can do that for you at Prism Photo Imaging.  You can use stickers as a reward for good behavior or other milestones.  Children love to collect them.  A cute photo of your favorite pet makes a great reward.  Stickers can also help mark special people at an event such as greeters or instructors.  You pick out the appropriate photo, add a word such as “Greeter” and we will print as many as you need.  No number is too large or too small.

Photo printing can take on a new size when you choose to create a poster.  Posters can be helpful when you are advertising your business.  Adding photos of your products can display what is on sale or what your specialty is.

Window decals or wall decals are another creative way to use photos.   Liven up a wall with a print of part of a favorite picture.  Window decals or wall decals are great ways to show off your products or announce sales.  Photos added to the decals add realism.  Have Prism Photo Imaging create a decal of a picture of your product along with the special price then post it on your front window.

Don’t forget photo printing when it is time for Christmas cards.  Prism Photo Imaging will create the perfect Christmas card from your photos.  Consider a single special photo or make a collage of your favorite photos.  We print them then all you need to do is sign them, stuff them in envelopes, and address.  What could be easier?

When you want to do something more with photo printing than just printing plain photos turn to Prism Photo Imaging.  We can make your photos do much more for you than just look nice.

When you need copy services

When you need copy services turn to Prism Photo Imaging

You may not think of going to a print shop to get copies made but Prism Photo Imaging is the best place when you need copy services.  We offer both black and white or color copying and our customer service is second to none.

If there is a copy machine in your office you might think that no matter how many copies you need of a piece it is always best to make them on that machine.  But you are wrong.  The small copy machine you have in an office is not made for running large numbers of copies.  It really is only perfect for single, or a few, copies of something.  You will wear out that small machine quickly if you try to make large numbers of copies on a frequent basis.  If you compare carefully you will also come to realize that making copies on your own copy machine will cost more than having large numbers of copies made at a store.

That means that when you need a large number of copies you should turn to a business such as Prism Photo Imaging that have copy machines made for running hundreds of copies on a regular basis.  Not only will you save your business’s small copy machine from wear and tear but you will also save your staff time so that they can focus on more important tasks.  Really, the cost savings alone should be enough for you to bring your copying to us.

We can copy both 8.5 x 11 inch (“regular size”) and 11 x 17 inch (“legal size”) paper.  Single or double sided copies are no problem.  We will also gladly take two single sided items and copy them into one double sided article.  We offer various colors and types of paper you can choose to copy to which can add excitement to your item at very little extra cost, and you didn’t have to spend the time to shop for that special paper.

Consider using color copies strategically throughout your syllabus, handout or other multi-page item.  It will help highlight the important parts and is not difficult for us to help you add.  Collating and binding are two other services that Prism Photo Imaging can help with, leaving your staff available to concentrate on more important issues.  Our goal is to help you get the exact finished product you want.

Having Prism Photo Imaging provide copy services for your business is a great way to make a small size business appear to be a larger business.  When you are starting out it can be very important to be able to compete with the bigger competitors.  You want people to know that you can deliver and compete against larger businesses.  Later, when you are one of the big businesses, we can continue to provide all the copy services you need.

Having large copy jobs done at a print shop is financially an excellent idea for your business, so don’t hesitate to come to Prism Photo Imaging for copy services.  We look forward to helping you.

Digital Printing

What’s the difference between screen printing and digital printing?

Digital printing is very different from screen printing though both are available, many times at the same print shop.  You may be wondering what the differences are between the two types of printing, especially if you are trying to decide which to use.  Let’s look at how each type of printing is done and some of the ways that each are used.

Screen printing is the older of the two printing processes.  In this type of printing a stencil, which is called a screen by printers, is created for each color of ink that will be used in the printing process.  Each color will be applied using the stencil that has been created for it, one color at a time.  In the end the combination of all the printed colors will create the final picture.

Digital printing is a much newer printing process.  Your artwork will be processed by a computer, then the image will be sent to the printer.  This process does not involve heat transfer of a printed picture; the image is printed straight onto the surface of the object.  The ink directly adheres to the surface.

Various types of computer files can be used in digital printing such as a PDF or files created by graphics software.  This means that some people will choose to make their own file, then bring it in to the print shop for printing.

Using screen printing can be the best option for designs that require vibrant colors.  It is also better than digital printing if printing on a dark surface such as a dark shirt.  A thicker layer of ink is applied when screen printing when compared to digital printing.  This helps brighter colors show better, even on dark surfaces.

Screen printing is done by hand so it can be the best process to use for uniquely shaped products like bottles or mugs.  A person will do a better job of printing onto curved or uneven surfaces.  Screen printing is more labor intensive.

When an image is complex and highly detailed digital printing will do a better job.  Digital printing can use many more colors and creates a more photographic type of print that can show much more detail than a traditional, screen printed image.  The layer of ink that is applied is much thinner which also helps to achieve better detail.

Digital printing will work better on lighter colored objects.  This means that you should choose a white or light colored article of clothing to print on as the thin layer of ink will not show well and detail will be lost on dark material.

The digital method works well when a limited number of prints are needed since there are no screens to create.  Digital printing also has a quicker turnaround time because it is a more direct process.  To quickly print a single item, digital printing is the way to go unless you must print onto a dark color.  You will likely find that when your project requires screen printing there will be a minimal number of prints you must pay for or a setup fee.

Hang Tag Printing

Dress up your life with hang tag printing

Hang tags can be both practical and creative.  They come in various size options and unique shapes to suit various needs.  They can be big or small, traditional or distinctive.  Hang tags can help draw attention to your products, especially when they contain bright printing or are printed on specialty papers.  Be sure to consider getting coated hang tags if there is a possibility of the tags getting wet.  They may be a little more expensive, but they will hold up against water and wear and tear better.

Hang tags attached to your products allow you to connect with your customer before they buy, then remind them of your business after they leave with your product in hand.

Hang tags can be a stylish solution when labeling garments.  Instead of sewn-in labels that can scratch use hang tags.  Adding important washing and other care instructions is easy.  The tags will look professional, yet are easily removed when no longer needed attached to the item.

When you are trying to avoid placing adhesive labels on items such as crafts and other handmade goods a hand tag is an excellent choice.  Use a distinguishing shape with your logo printed on it to set your goods apart from another’s items.  Consider including your contact information so someone could contact you if they are interested in more of a given item.  If you are not feeling all that creative consider having your business card printed onto hang tags that you can attach to items you have for sale.  An attached hang tag is much less likely to be lost quickly.

If you need to track your sales have tear-off hang cards printed.  Put your logo and contact information on the part of the tag that will stay attached.  You can hand write what you need to know for tracking purposes on the tear-off part and take it off of each item as you sell it.  Once the sale is done you can easily use the pieces to tally up your sales and know what you need to make to be ready for the next craft show.  If you can stash the tear-off part of the tags into a pocket there is no easier way to keep track of your sales.

Don’t forget when designing your hang tags that you have 2 sides to print on.  You might only want to print the important information on one side but be sure to put your logo on the other side.  Don’t waste the “other” side by leaving it blank.

Remember that there are special hang tags made to place around bottle necks and others that are made to be folded.  If you are selling items that have a bottle neck the bottle neck hang tags could be just what you need.  If you feel you have quite a bit of information to attach to an item the folded hang tag will give you the space you need.  It is also an easy way to hide tedious information behind a nice looking flap.

Enlargements of family photos

Enlargements of family photos have many uses

Let your imagination run when you think about how you can use enlargements of family photos.  You love the photos you took, now use them and enjoy them.  There are great uses for photos in both your home and business, and it is a great way to keep you favorite people near to you every day.

You may think first about traditional uses of enlargements like the framed picture of your children or spouse that you keep on your desk.  Certainly that is a fine use of a prized family photo.  But what else could you do?

Photo enlargements can help you as you are thinking about what to give as Christmas gifts.  Take a picture of a beloved grandchild, enlarge it slightly, and make a mouse pad for grandparents to use.  Be sure to print up enough for each grandparent and maybe for special aunts and uncles too.  They will appreciate the useable gift featuring their favorite angel.

Photo mugs are another fun way to use enlargements of family photos.  Make up sets of mugs featuring each grandchild for grandparents, or even for yourself.  Maybe you want to be more practical and make up mugs to use at home with pictures of each person in your family.  Then when it is time for cocoa everyone gets their own face on their own mug—no fighting involved.

Family photos can be used in place of paintings to decorate walls at home or in an office.  Consider using enlargements of family photos to decorate in your den.  There are various options such as printing onto glossy paper and framing the photo or printing onto canvas and just using it mounted to the wood frame with no traditional frame.  It will bring special warmth to the room that only a family portrait can.

Scenic photos you shot during your most recent family vacation can easily take the place of framed artwork at home or in your office.  If you own a business using scenic photo enlargements instead of purchasing works of art to decorate walls can save money, yet your business will not look cheap as long as you choose wisely in how you have the photos printed, framed and hung.  A beautiful scene can be split into 3 panels to decorate an entire wall or a grouping of photo enlargements can be used.  You can either boast about your wonderful photos, or just glow with pride when people comment on how nice the picture is hanging on the conference room wall.

If you are having a big special occasion party, don’t forget to take pictures of special groups of people like all the children or grandchildren, or each family group.  Then take those images and use them in printing up photo enlargements as gifts.  Get together 12 great pictures and create a family calendar for everyone to use all year long.  You can’t beat such a personalized gift.

Think about printing a photo enlargement onto the cover of a photo album.  Give this album as a gift and let the person create their own keepsake of their favorite photos of people or places.

Color Printing

Two methods of color printing used by modern printers 

Two main printing processes are currently used to create color prints.  One is called color process printing and the other is spot color printing.  Color process printing is used to create multi-color images.     You could print a photograph or a reproduction of an abstract work of art using this method.   Spot color printing works with only a few colors, not a spectrum of colors, and creates an image that contains only a limited number of hues.

One method of color printing is four color process printing.  In this method a color image is separated into 4 different colors using filters and screens.  Originally this process was done with photographic film on a graphic arts camera with special lens filters.  Today you will find it being done with software on a computer.  No matter how it is done the final result is 4 images that are transferred to printing plates.  These images are printed sequentially using the 4 colors of ink—cyan (blue), magenta (red), yellow, and black.  This reproduces the original image.  Most colors can be reproduced using this method of color printing and it is universally used in commercial printing.

Another method of color printing is six color process printing.  Orange and green are added to the traditional cyan, magenta, yellow, and black.  This process creates a larger, livelier color range.  Six images are created from the original picture so that 6 images are then transferred to printing plates which will be used in the printing process with the 6 different colors.

Spot color printing is color printing involving only one color, or a small number of specific colors of ink.  The choice of colors is close to limitless and can include fluorescents or metallics.  The colored ink can be used alone or along with the primary printing colors.  The resulting prints can be very different from the average color print.  The overall result is more vibrant and brighter than color process printing.

When a small number of colors are used in spot color printing the process starts to resemble color process printing because each color will need to be laid down separately.  The colors are layered onto the surface one by one.

Using spot color printing can create very interesting renditions of a picture.  An experienced designer can create different versions of a photo using only spot color print processing and show you various renderings of your image.  If you are looking for a picture that will resemble reality, yet not be true to real life in color, spot color printing is what you will want to try.  Various intensities of a single color can be used or a few different colors may give you what you are looking for in the final image.  Luckily, a computer can be used to give you an idea of how the final picture will look, but be sure to be working with a designer who knows how to set up the printing properly so that you won’t end up surprised by the final product.

large photo printing

What could you do with large photo printing?

Have you ever thought of the many possibilities and ways that large photo printing can be used?  It really is amazing what can be done.  There are many uses for both home and work.  Pick out your favorite images and start thinking.

Many uses of large photo printing will take a simple snapshot and turn it into art.  Printing a photo enlargement on glossy paper, then framing it in a special frame is just the beginning.  You will feel as though you have created a painting when you print pictures onto canvas.  Most canvas prints are mounted onto a wood frame.  You don’t need a traditional picture frame unless you really want one.  Use a wonderful scenic photograph and create a spectacular image to hang in a den, or an office waiting area.  It will impress friends and family or employees and customers.

Printing photos onto metal can create spectacular high definition, vibrant prints that are durable.  The ink is fused to the metal and doesn’t let go easily.  You may not want a poster size print on metal but slightly smaller enlargements work great.  Think about where you could show off these special prints.  They can really add a special splash of color to a room or desk top.

Consider taking a beautiful photo and spreading it across a set of 3 prints that are then hung side by side.  There are multiple ways to do this.  Frame each photo, or put the photos on canvas without frames.  There is no right or wrong way, just your way.  You can quickly decorate a wall with one single scenic photo from your last vacation.  What better way to remember one of your favorite places on a regular basis.

Large photo printing can be used for business in many ways as well.  Of course you can frame enlargements and use them to decorate office walls or desk tops, but there are other important business uses.

If you are selling items, printing up enlargements is a great way to show off an item.  Print up a poster sized picture to hang right above the item in a store to help draw the customer to it.  If it is on sale don’t forget to add a few words to remind people of the sale.  Imagine a luscious piece of pie, enlarged and hanging in your restaurant to entice customers to have dessert.  Some people may wonder if they will gain weight just looking at it!

When going to trade shows you will need an eye catching booth to grab people from the crowd.  Using large photo prints of people in your business, or the old building that you have outgrown but that people recognize can all help catch someone passing by your booth and draw them in so that your staff can engage them in conversation.  Big pictures can start little conversations that lead to wonderful sales and long lasting business relationships.

Hopefully this brief article will have given you ideas of how to use your prized photos in new ways.  Explore what large photo printing can be used for in your home and business.